How much does a Box cost?

Our 1 bedroom Box (20’ shipping container) is $99,500 and our 2 bedroom Box (40’ shipping container) is $129,500. This price covers ITB’s proprietary off-grid system, including 1000w of solar. We will eventually be offering a studio floor plan as well. These prices do not include certain taxes and fees you will incur before your Box is dropped at your property. Such costs may include, but are not limited to, shipping and site preparation.

What floorplan options are there?

We are currently prioritizing our 20’ 1 bedroom and 40’ 2 bedroom Boxes. Our 20’ Box interior dimensions are 19'3" x 7'8" and 150 sf. Our 40’ Box interior dimensions are 39'5" x 7'8’ and 300 sf.

What is included in the base Box price?

Yes! Our base Box price includes your home structure, all appliances (including fridge), water heater, AC/heating, and fully off-grid utility systems, including 1000w of solar. Each Box is equipped with a 9,000 BTU split AC/Heating system and comes with R-19 insulation in all exterior walls. Our Boxes do not come furnished. However, our Boxes are customizable - everything from the color of the Box, to the tile in the shower. We can also upgrade your Box with more solar, higher battery capacity, or stronger AC/heating depending on your individual needs.

How much is shipping?

For locations within the 48 contiguous U.S. states, we are happy to help you arrange shipping to your location. A good rule of thumb is to estimate about $4/mile from our location in Florida to your site. In terms of international shipping, if you are currently located outside the continental U.S. you will need to coordinate your own shipping logistics. As demand grows, we would like to expand our shipping operations.

How long does it take to build?

Our current wait time is about 12-18 months. Once work on your Box begins, it generally takes two months to complete your Box (custom orders will take longer). We can then ship your Box to you within two weeks!